Moon’s Adventures

Storytelling and Family Workshop


Family Activity


Casa Garden

  • Duration: approx. 1.5 hr

  • Storytelling conduct in Cantonese

  • Each child participant will be given a souvenir

  • Suggested for aged 4 or above

When’s the last time we sit around a tree to listen to stories and put our hearts into handcrafts and games?

Chloe Wong and NuiNui have created beautiful picture books based on the adventures of some Korean fishermen two hundred years ago. With these books, they will tell the story of how these fishermen sailed to the Luzon Island, Okinawa, and Macao and their lives in Macao during their short stay here.

Chloe Wong and NuiNui will also work with the participants to create their own colourful fishes using recycled materials. Some of these beautiful pieces will be exhibited in the Festival.

Storytellers and handcraft ideas: NuiNui, Chloe Wong
Event Assistant: Elva Chan
Co-creation:NuiNui, Chloe Wong, Chloe Lao, Nero Lio, Erik Kuong

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