Salon: Now and Then - Macao Coast



3. 6, 20

3.13 (Sun) 11:00 Salon I
3.20 (Sun) 11:00 Salon II

Casa Garden

Salon I in Mandarin & Cantonese
Reflections on the Revitalization and Renewal of the Inner Harbour: Ecological Coastline, Port City Culture and Pier Architecture
Speaker: Dr. Cheng , Macao registered Architect, Phd in Urban Planning

Rivers, Navigation Channels and Strategic Points Flowing Around Macao
Speaker: RoySit, Director of Macao Maritime Museum

Salon II in Cantonese
Shifts of the Inner Harbour: from the Point of View of the Shipbuilding IndustrySpeaker: Mr. Vangaree Tam, Shipbuilding Craft Culture Association

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